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The Van Build Has Begun... YAY! A dream being realized!

For the longest time now I have been dreaming of having a high top extended van to build into my very own RV for traveling to art shows. Well that dream is now a reality.  We have purchased a 2018 Dodge Ram Promaster EXT. This monster is everything I dreamed it would be. It has plenty of head room for me and Bill to walk around inside. Bill has built out a platform bed and storage spaces for my show gear. I can't be happier. I have driven it to several shows now and I want to share the build as we get it done. 

2018 promaster

Me & My Rig! (she doesn't have a name yet) maybe you have an idea?

2018 Promaster

Bill & My Rig!

van build

So here is one of those scary moments we knew we would face (CUTTING A HOLE IN THE VAN) OMG! Yes he is on the roof cutting a hole in the top of the van to install 1 of 2 fans that will be installed to help us stay comfortable. I am not going to have AC so these fans will have to do it. They will be powered using a battery bank that are charged using solar panels that will be mounted on the top of the van. I will share this as we get it done. 

I chose the MaxxAir Fan for my build, it's the best. I was torn between this one and the fantastic fan, but I chose the MaxxAir Fan because it has a rain guard and thermostat, it can also act as a ceiling fan when the fan is closed. And another wonderful reason I chose this fan is that it has a remote that I can mount beside my bed (when its cold I don't have to get out of bed to turn it off).  I am excited to use it.  Here is some more info on the fan.

maxxair fan 

Maxxair Fan with remote control

Stay tuned for more.... I will be sharing a tour of the van build as it sits now.

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