Colorado & Utah - Summer of 2017 – Silks by Tonya

Colorado & Utah - Summer of 2017

In the summer of 2017 my husband Bill and & I took the silk on the road and headed west. We were set to do 2 art shows in Colorado. Beaver Creek, A beautiful show located just outside the town of Avon at a resort called Beaver Creek. We truly enjoyed this show and the resort grounds are simply picturesque. The second show we attended was called Main street to the Rockies. This show is held in the streets of Frisco Co just at the bottom of the Rocky Mountains. We vacationed the week between these 2 shows and had an incredible time taking in the many majestic views. I look forward to going back in 2019. I hope to have an even longer trip there next time. During our stay we travelled into Utah. Another artist gave us a tip about a untravelled road where we saw some incredible wildlife grazing as well as miles of grand rock formations. We visited Arches National Park and took in the breath taking views. We also visited some water falls during our stay. On my next trip there I hope to visit more falls (like Hanging Lake). Let me know if there is anything else we should visit in that area.

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