Pittsburgh PA 2018 – Silks by Tonya

Pittsburgh PA 2018

We had a fantastic trip in Pittsburgh PA while participating in the Shadyside Art Show. It is one of our favorite shows. Great town & great people! We look forward to this show each year. The show was awesome and the weather stayed just right. #lovePittsburgh Bill spotted a restaurant on top of a building overlooking the show so we decided to have dinner there. The restaurant is called "The Steel Cactus". The weather was perfect and the company was too. As you can see in the pics, the sky was lit up and blue. The food was good and the drinks were better. Check it out if you are in the area. Bill and I met some amazing new artists at this show, check out the Artists Connection page to meet them for yourself. I had a visitor in my booth that I met on my Florida travels over the winter. "Charles - It was great to see you again, and thank you for your support once again". I also had another little green visitor that stayed with me most of the weekend, I named him LeafMan. He is otherwise known as a Katydid. LeafMan was a cool dude. I included a portrait of him below. Another cool thing I found in the city.... "The Zipcar" --- WHAT? Are you telling me that I can use my cell phone and credit card now to not only rent a bike, but A CAR? Wow, too cool. We had a lot of fun with that one.... See you next year Pittsburgh! Tata for now. We ended our trip on somewhat of a negative note... When we went to our van to begin the show breakdown process we found that someone had backed into our new van. AAAHHHH, Crunch! they didn't leave a note or anything. Not horrible damage, but still an insurance claim. Thanks buddy! If you are ever unfortunate enough to ding someone's vehicle, please at least leave a note.

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