St. Augustine - Dec 2018 – Silks by Tonya

St. Augustine - Dec 2018

I left home on Thanksgiving morning to travel to Delray Beach Florida for the Thanksgiving weekend art Festival. I really enjoyed the Delray area and the show. After the show was over I traveled to St Augustine and stayed the week at Anastasia State Park. This park was beautiful with the cozy canopy of trees throughout the campgrounds and the deck that leads to the beach. It was a very brisk week, but even snow wouldn't have kept me from that beach. I threw on my boots, jacket, scarf and hat...... I needed to hear the waves and watch the birds forage. It just does something for my soul that nothing else can do. After a few days of R&R I would head out to take part in the Gainesville Downtown Festival &Art Show. The weekend was very rainy and the show ended up closing early. Win some / lose some.

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